Piles of leaves on a shore line during pink sunrise at Abraham Lake
Sunburst over Cline river with fall colours lining the banks
Warm sunlight hits crowfoot mountain over bow peak during a moody and cloudy sunrise
Mount Assiniboine and Sunburst Peak during a snowy morning from the Nublet
Dramatic skies and larches over a valley in Highwood Pass
Light rays off Mount Rundle during a colourful sunrise in Banff National Park
Rain drops rippling in Policemans Creek as sunlight hits fall colours and the three sisters in Canmore
Fiery clouds over horseshoe lake in Banff National Park
Teapot rock sunset, Prince Edward Island
22 degree sun halo over Mount Robson and Berg Lake
A light house in moody light in Norway
Three sisters reflecting in Policeman's creek during a green lush summer
A single bent and twisted tree in snow during polar night at Kaldoaivi Wilderness, Finland
Sunrise and frost flowers at Vermillion Lakes, Banff National Park
Winter scene of waterfall and yellow larches, Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park
Lake O'hara and Mary Lakes during Larch Season in Yoho National Park from Opabin Prospect
Mount Robson and low clouds reflecting in Berg Lake during blue hour
Sunburst over Waterton lakes and puffy clouds reflecting in rippling water
Sunrise over Mount Michener and frozen ripples and methane bubbles on Abraham Lake
Barren trees in snow with pink polar night sky Kaldoaivi Wilderness, Finland
Bright rainbow over an outlet at Lake Minnewanka shot with a telephoto lens
A fishman stands in the belly river with two bright rainbows forming above in a dark stormy sky
Fall coloured foliage frames a trickling waterfall in Waterton Lakes National Park
Fall coloured plants and rocks reflecting in blue waters
22 degree Halo over Malign Lake Boat House in Jasper
Mount Lougheed covered in snow with pink Alpen Glow
River flows around rocks with golden trees in the background
Telephoto image of snow covered mountain ridge on the Icefields Parkway
A frosted tree in the Kaldoaivi Wilderness Finland
A hiking trail leading through larches to Schaffer Lake in Yoho National Park
Snow covered Mount Assiniboine framed by two golden larches
Sunburst over Ex Coelis reflecting in Abraham Lake with fall leaves floating
A burst of orange clouds over the Athabasca River in Jasper
A clear carpet like section of ice showing methane bubbles leading to Mount Michener
Colourful sunrise and methane bubbles at Abraham Lake
Brilliant blue and green of Mary Lakes lit up by sunlight, surrounded by Larches
Yellow Larches and Schaffer Lake in Yoho National Park
Intense orange light from sunrise and the ten peaks and larches reflecting in water Banff National Park
Snow covered Mountains at Sunrise in Highwood Pass
Golden Aspen with falling leaves surrounded by pine trees
Sunrays behind Mount Rundle during dramatic sunrise at Vermillion Lakes
Golden trees stand at the shore of teal coloured Abraham Lake
Golden aspens reflecting in Abraham Lake
Sunrise colours the sky above Abraham lake with small waves and fallen leaves on the shore


Living in the Canadian Rockies is a photographers dream. Photography has taken me from the easily accessible, but insanely beautiful locations, and on to adventures in so many areas of the mountains. I do love to travel and experience the diverse scenes that the world has to offer. I wish I had been shooting landscapes while travelling as a concert photographer – although now I have a reason to go back and revisit places as well as find new ones.

CamerasNikon D850, D810, D3sLensesNikkor 14-24 f2.8, 24-70 f2.8, 70-200 f2.8, 28-300 f3.5-58, 200-500 f5.6LocationCanadian Rockies, P.E.I, CaliforniaYear2013-2021

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