Four big horn sheep standing on rocks in front of yellow larches in Highwood pass
A big horn sheep stands on rock in front of yellow larches while three others huddle behind
A deer family standing surrounded by fall colours in Kananaskis
Spruce grouse standing in fall foliage, Nordegg
Young elk eating a small pine tree
Red wing black bird flaring out feathers sitting on a small pine tree in Banff
Elk standing in front of larch and pine forest
Elk sitting in frosty grass in a larch and pine forest at Assiniboine Provincial Park
A young elk standing in front of a hut and yellow larches at Assiniboine Provincial Park
Pika perched on rock covered with a bit of green lichen
Minx standing on fallen log, peering around leafy branches in Northern Alberta
A mother marmot looks down at two baby marmots playing in Yoho National Park
Marmot standing on rocky ridge surround by green pine trees
A herd of mountain goats walking up grey rock bands
Bull elk and young walking through Policeman's creek in Canmore
Bull elk rubbing rack against trees in Banff
Two ducks diving in water at Vermillion Lakes
A coyote walking across the golf course in Banff
A bird eating plants, standing on broken shale
A bear cub with distinct colouring from black to blonde steps onto pavement
A male elk chewing on some grass in Banff
A marmot standing against a rock
Young elk standing in front of Mount Rundle in Banff
A young big horn sheep foraging in snow in Kananaskis
Sheep walking through snow in Kananaskis
A female pheasant standing a rock on a trail watching young walk
Marmot sitting in purple flowers
Red, black and yellow snake reaching tongue out
Red, black and yellow snake curving through branches


I love seeing wildlife and always ensure I give them the proper respect and space.

CamerasNikon D850, D810, D3sLensesNikkor 70-200 f2.8, 28-300 f3.5-58, 200-500 f5.6LocationCanadian Rockies, Northern Alberta, P.E.IYear2016-2021

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