Group Workshops

Join Monika Deviat for a photography workshop to improve your skills and capture fantastic images. Group Photography Workshops range from camera basics to multi-day tours and retreats focusing on landscape photography, night photography and wildlife photography.

Jan 21-23, 2022
Abraham Lake, AB

June 5-9, 2022
Jasper, AB

Helen Lake and Flowers Photo Tour

July 30, 2022
Banff National Park, AB

Sept 23-26, 2022
Waterton Lakes National Park

Jan 2-8, 2023
Utsjoki (Finland)

Private Workshops

Private instruction lets us figure out exactly what you need or want to work on. Whether you are new to photography, or want to develop more advanced skills, we can put together a learning experience or tour specific to your goals.

Mentoring Sessions

Mentoring sessions are available in person* and online. These sessions step away from a typical photography workshop where the focus may only be technique and getting shots. Your session is fully customizable and will focus on what you want to discuss and develop. We can go over anything from business, websites, portfolios, critiques, techniques, or anything else that you may have questions about.
We’ll begin with a quick email consult to get a starting point for the discussions. We can plan out in detail or adapt as we go. It’s all about what will be best for you.

1 Hour $150

2 Hours $260 (can be split into two sessions)

4 Hours $500 (can be split into multiple sessions)

*Additional charges could apply depending on location


This group is a platform for photography enthusiasts of any level to learn from Monika, and for past (or future), workshop participants to stay connected, share images, ask questions and get feedback.

Articles, musings, and “behind the image” are shared to the group and many are exclusive to this group.

Members get first notice of upcoming workshops.