Workshop Details

The start of winter is different every year in the Canadian Rockies. The one constant is that there are always wonderful and interesting features and light to get creative with. During the day we’ll work on grand landscapes as well as play with abstracts and intimate scenes. Night photography will be a priority for this workshop, weather permitting. We’ll have some moonlight to illuminate the snowy scenes as well.

Planning shoots, at any time of day or night is an important part of being able to create compelling and purposeful images. We’ll go over weather apps, how to plan for light (or no light), scouting tips, etc. Your instructors will take you through their processes including, research, scouting, settings, compositions and more, and help you adapt this to your shots and thought process.

This workshops allows for participants to try a lot of techniques if they choose. Some subjects like night photography require working in manual mode, while for others we can use semi-automatic modes as well. We will go over ISO, white balance, aperture choices, and shutter speeds. Different methods of focusing will be covered for each subject we will be shooting. During the landscape shoots for example, we’ll go over focus stacking, bracketing, long exposures, depth of field, panoramas and more.

Safety & Leave No Trace
These are very important topics for photographers to be knowledge about in order to preserve the places we love to visit, keep wildlife wild and make sure you stay safe and (mostly) comfortable on your adventures.

Included in the Workshop:

  • Photography tuition and mentoring in-the-field
  • One-on-one Image Review Session with Monika
Not Included in the workshop:

  • Accommodations
  • Transportation during the workshop
  • Meals (except where indicated)
  • Travel/medical insurance
  • Park Pass
  • DLSR or mirrorless camera
  • Tripod
  • Remote/Intervalometer/Shutter Release
  • Extra batteries
  • Extra memory cards
  • Laptop
  • Variety of lenses
  • Appropriate clothing and layers for the weather
  • Appropriate footwear/Hiking boots, pole, pack, etc.
  • Headlamp
  • Hand/toe warmers
  • Personal items
  • Gloves/mittens
  • Hats/toques
  • Thermos for hot drinks
  • Snacks/Water

Itineraries are tentative and are likely to change. We will adapt to weather and conditions and be assessing where to go each for each session of photography using the most recent forecast updates available. A pre-workshop survey will be sent to participants a few weeks before the start day.

In November, the days are short in the Canadian Rockies. Sunrise is approximately at 8am and sunset is just before 5pm. Night falls early, and the constellation Orion is rising in the eastern portion of the sky.

On the first day we’ll meet after everyone is settled in after checking in at 4pm. We will arrange a meet and greet and go over gear and techniques. Our goal will be a night shoot in the evening.

Our possible locations for the workshop could include Emerald Lake, The Icefields Parkway (Bow Lake, Peyto Lake, Waterfowl Lakes), Marble Canyon, Morant’s Curve, Castle Mountain, Abraham Lake.

The last day will finish before the 11am check-out time – we’ll make sure everyone has time to pack up.

The Fine Print:

By registering for this event you agree that you have read and understand the following.

Registration is non-refundable but is transferrable. If you can find someone to take your spot and buy your ticket from you, this is acceptable. Email to confirm a transfer.

If the remaining balance is not paid in full, your spot will be forfeit without any refund of deposits or payments already made.

Participants understand that weather and conditions are unpredictable or difficult to forecast. There is no guarantee that we will see specific natural phenomena. You acknowledge that travel with a group involves compromise to accommodate goals, desires, personalities, abilities, and physical capabilities. Itineraries are planned, but flexible, and no part of the schedule can be guaranteed. You understand that no discounts or refunds will be given in the event of any changes.

Only in the event that the country or the venue is unable to host the workshop (such as a lockdown situation), participants will be given the option to postpone or receive a refund.

Please ensure you can travel and abide by all health and safety travel recommendations for Alberta and your home location if you are booking a spot. It is your responsibility to ensure you can make the workshop. Participants must have travel and medical insurance.

Monika Deviat Photography reserves the right to cancel the workshop at any time. The cancellations could occur for a variety of reasons, such as a minimum number of participants is not met, family emergency, unforeseen circumstances impact the worksop, etc. In the event of cancellations that are under the control of Monika Deviat Photography, participants will receive a full refund for the workshop. No compensation would be made to participants for any other associated costs such as, but not limited to, travel, hotels, etc. Participants should have travel insurance.

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