I believe that when you take a workshop or a class from someone you are looking to learn about their style, how they think, what information they use and have accumulated about a topic so you can apply it to your own photos. My workshops can be customized for small groups and individuals. Private instruction lets us figure out exactly what you need or want to work on. Whether you are new to photography, or want to develop more advanced skills, we can develop a learning experience specific to your goals.

Some of examples of in the field workshop configurations and topics we can work are listed below. We can of course build any kind of itinerary you would like, and completely customize an experience for you. Email me to start planning!

Currently Camera Basics and Editing sessions can be done virtually. Email me to inquire about these types of private workshops.

Note: Due to the current situation, transportation will not be provided during workshops

Banff NP - Sunrise

Capture the icon locations around the town of Banff at Sunrise. From brilliant colours to moody conditions, the area does not disappoint. There is so much to photograph and the creative opportunities are endless. During this type of workshop we can visit 2-3 locations.

4 hrs (including travel between locations)$350 + GST

Banff NP - Night

Banff NP is a wonderful place to shoot at night. During this type of workshop we can visit 2-3 locations and practice night photography skills. There are many locations around the town of Banff that are great for nightscapes, Milky Way (time of year dictates when and if we see the galactic core).

4 hrs (including travel between locations)$350 + GST

Yoho NP - Night

Yoho National Park offers many interesting elements for night photography. From the Natural Bridge to Emerald and some of my own little favourite spots, we can find something unique during any season.

4 hrs (including travel between locations)$450 + GST

Abraham Lake - Winter, Methane Bubbles

This is one of my most requested workshops for private bookings. The methane bubbles at Abraham Lake are some of the best in Alberta, and photographing them is just simply fun.

The bubble season can run from mid November to the end of February, but we can never guarantee what you will see. The lake always offers interesting options for photography though.

4 hrs (including travel between locations)$425 + GST

Icefields Parkway

The Icefields Parkway is a stunning drive and has many locations that work wonderfully for landscape, long lens shots, wildlife, marco/detail images, and night photography of course. A trip up the Icefields can be combined with Banff Photography workshops. A half day to full day of exploration can be planned.

Half Day Standalone Icefields Adventure$550 + GST

Other Private Instruction Topics

  • Balancing ISO, aperture and shutter speed.
  • Using semi-automatic and manual modes.
  • Understanding concepts like depth of field, focus stacking, blending, etc.
  • Composition and planning.
  • Night photography techniques:
    • The 500 (ish) rule.
    • Methods for focusing in the dark.
    • Milky Way, Star Trails, Aurora
  • Image critique.
  • Lightroom Flows:
    • As a precursor to Photoshop editing.
    • As a standalone editing flow.
  • Photoshop Flows:
    • Understanding how to make a basic flow and what tools to consider for different images.
    • Understanding different styles, methods, techniques and how to make an image your own.
  • Blending.
  • Star Trail editing methods.
  • Masking.
  • Panorama stitching and editing.
  • Noise reduction.
  • Leave no trace.
  • Compositions and perspective.
  • “Seeing”
  • “Rules” and Guidelines.
  • Capturing a great foreground along with the stars/milky way/etc.
  • Focusing and composing your image in the dark.
  • Light painting.
  • Camera settings and dealing with high ISO noise issues, light pollution, etc.
  • Headlight/flash light etiquette – how to preserve your night vision and be mindful of your fellow shooters.
  • Shooting panoramas.

Recommended Gear

  • If you will be renting a camera and/or lens for the workshop please make sure you familiarize yourself with it prior to going out at night.
  • Wide Angle Lenses: for landscapes, night scapes. Range of 8-24mm recommended.
  • Mid Range Lenses: for landscapes, portraits,
  • Long Lenses: for landscape, detail, wildlife, portraits. Recommended range examples are 70-200mm, 100-400mm.
  • Prime Lenses: lenses with fixed focal length.
  • It is recommended to remove all filters (including UV) for night photos but it is not necessary if you are concerned about your glass.
  • Timer/Remote/Intervalometer.
  • Sturdy Tripod: Generally for workshops, we will not be walking very far from our vehicles so weight is not a concern.
  • Batteries: Take extras for your camera(s), headlamps, remotes, etc.
  • Extra memory cards.
  • Headlamp: Flashlights are ok, but a hands-free light will be useful.
  • Snacks, water, hot beverages, etc.
  • Bug spray depending on the season.
  • Gloves, warm layers, hats, etc. Be mindful of the temperatures and that we will be standing around outside for extended periods of time. (Note: stay warm by your tripod workouts are free 🙂 ).