Not Just A Photographer

Monika has always enjoyed sharing knowledge. Her teaching and training experience goes back over fifteen years, from tutoring and speaking at scientific conferences and seminars to group fitness classes and, in recent years, photography workshops. Her goal as a photography instructor is to ensure clients improve skills, learn some new ones, and that they walk away with enthusiasm to continue practicing and getting out to shoot.

Whether you are new to photography or experienced in any genre, Monika will ensure you have an excellent time shooting and learning.

“Monika is obviously a great photographer who takes pride in the moments that she creates. What is not so obvious, and more importantly in my opinion, is that she enjoys educating people and is a great person. I have had the pleasure of taking a night photography editing course taught by her and have been in attendance for one of her night photography seminars. The passion that she has for the art of photography definitely shows through. In her course, she takes the time to teach. When she helps, she will give you her undivided attention at making sure you succeed in what you are trying to do. If you do not understand something that she presents, she will patiently ensure that what she is trying to convey makes sense to you.

Furthermore, she enjoys sharing information and this is evidenced by her personal blog and other articles that she has published. These are the traits of someone who truly enjoys teaching about their craft.

I can say that in the past years that I have known her, she is a pleasure to be around because she not only remembers people but takes the time to actually talk. If you have an opportunity to learn from her, either by taking a course, listening to her talk, or hiring her as either as an instructor or as a photographer, please do so. You will have no regrets.”

Bryan Mah Calgary, Alberta

Monika is available to speak at conferences, events and at Camera Clubs. Her public speaking experience spans many different fields, including scientific conferences, corporate environments, outdoor/mountain community events and of course photography seminars.

Past Engagements:

2023 Banff Film Festival Photo Rodeo – “The Witching Hour”

2023 Canadian Imaging Conference and Expo – “Creative Vision from Darkness”

2022 Banff Mountain Film Festival – “How Did You Get There?” A Photographic Journey

2022 Astrophotography The Art and Place of Space – Bruce Museum

2022 Lightchasers Conference – “Night Vision: The Art of Lurking in the Dark”

2022 Nikon Canada Stay Inspired – Night Photography

2022 Land and See the Winter Sessions

2021 Nikon TV

2021 McBain Camera Nightscape Photography sponsored by Nikon Canada

2019 Night of Lies Invited Speaker

2019 Calgary Camera Club Final AGM Guest Speaker

2019 The Camera Store – Hiking and Scrambling for Photos

2018 The Camera Store Featured Speaker at the Alberta Star Party

2017 Night of Lies Presenter

2017 The Camera Store TV Livestream Guest

2017 Breakfast Television Guest – Milky Way

“Authentic is a word tossed around a lot these days…but very few speakers truly are. Monika is that exception. She stands confidently and yet humbly on stage. She is witty and sharp yet not condescending. Monika’s voice is quiet yet captivating. A refreshing and powerful female presence.”

Wade Graham
Night of Lies Founder

Left Photo: Amy Liu from Night of Lies 2019

The images that Monika produces create stories of adventure, beauty, danger, and mystery. Night photography is why Monika started shooting landscape and getting out into the mountains to hike, scramble, and eventually climb.

The night sky, and especially the Milky Way and Northern Lights, can capture the imagination. Night photography is a challenging genre because you often only have starlight to work with and have to push your camera’s limits. To master it, you have to put the time and effort into planning, location scouting, and learning how to best use your photography equipment.

Monika quickly developed an appreciation for nature and the dark skies opportunities that her home province of Alberta holds. She loves exploring everything from the badlands to the mountains during the day or night.

In 2023, Monika won the Aurorae Category of Astronomy Photographer of the Year. The Royal Museums Greenwich also put together a short documentary about Monika and her winning image “Brushstroke“. The Museum acknowledged the need for more diversity in the astrophotography community and one of the goals of the documentary was to make women and girls feel more welcome in astrophotography. In the film, Monika felt authenticity was important, as well as showing that one does not have to fit a specific set of parameters, especially in this genre of photography.

“Monika, quite simply, is a force of nature. In the Canadian landscape (and especially astro, her speciality), she’s one of the most talented and driven creatives out there. Her attention to detail and creativity makes her images resonate so strongly, and this ethic translates to everything she does….from speaking to teaching and beyond. One incredible woman.”

Dave Brosha

Monika has traveled across North America to shoot live music and even onto international waters for the world’s largest heavy metal cruises as a concert photographer. She has shot hundreds of bands and dozens of festivals. Whether in the photo pit or right in the mosh pit, Monika gets tack sharp images that capture the energy on stage. One of her favourite moments as a concert photographer is getting a thank you in the liner notes of the UK heavy metal band, Venom’s album, “From the Very Depths.”


Monika Deviat shooting the crowd at MacEwan Hall in Calgary
Photo by Jeff Thorell

Monika photographing Calgary metal band Ravenous

Monika’s work includes event, portrait, aerial arts, commercial and wedding photography. Meeting the needs of her clients for any project, Monika has a calm demeanor encourages her subjects, so they are comfortable in front of the camera.

Monika has provided headshots in the commercial sector, digital content creation for businesses like Arc’teryx Calgary and Dark Sky Guides, and photographed houses, Airbnb listing, and business spaces.

  • I have a black cat named Venom, after the black metal band. Venom is responsible for overseeing all editing and disturbing any online meetings or courses.
  • Photography is not what I went to school for. I studied Physics and Math in university.
  • I am the co-owner of a Pole and Aerial studio in Calgary, Alberta, Aradia Fitness Calgary.
  • My first DLSR was a Nikon d90. It was a graduation gift from my parents. This entry level camera was quickly upgraded after a few attempts at shooting bands in very dim venues.
  • I love pastries. So much.
  • I’m very introverted, and am happy to go off on shoots and adventures on my own. But, I do love sharing some experiences with others.
  • Public speaking used to be the worst thing imaginable, until I got a poor grade on a presentation in a physics research course. It motivated me to learn how to speak and present confidently.
  • I am very quiet. Unless I’m teaching.
  • My photography bag can weigh so much that other photographers struggle with it.
  • I can do a human flag.
  • Top Five Metal Bands: Iron Maiden, Slayer, Devin Townsend (this is a cheat that includes all his projects), Venom, Gojira
  • Heavy metal is life \m/