Authentic is a word tossed around a lot these days…but very few speakers truly are. Monika is that exception. She stands confidently and yet humbly on stage. She is witty and sharp yet not condescending. Monika’s voice is quiet yet captivating. A refreshing and powerful feminine presence.

Wade Graham, Night of Lies Founder

Driven Creative, Authentic Character

Monika Deviat is an experienced educator and speaker who strongly believes in authenticity and is passionate about sharing knowledge and stories. She is versatile and insightful in her topics – from technical talks about photography techniques and gear to inspiring and humourous storytelling. Monika’s speaking background includes scientific talks at Physics conferences, presentations in the Oil and Gas industry, Mountain Events (such as the Banff Mountain Film Festival), and photography conferences and camera club meetings.

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Milky Way and Perseids Meteors over Spray Lakes in Kananaskis Canada Alberta
Winter snow covered scene with stunning blue Peyto Lake Icefields Parkway Banff National ParkCanada
Red and green aurora towering over two photographers in front of Aurora Holidays in Finland after editing

Monika Deviat is one of the most inspiring women I know. She’s an incredible photographer, adventurer, educator and speaker – although the latter hasn’t always come easy for her. I first asked Monika to be a speaker at our inaugural Lightchasers Nature Photography Conference and while I knew behind the scenes that she was very nervous, she was bold and inspiring in her delivery and came across as an absolute boss as she understood the importance of representing women in an arena often dominated by men. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of watching her confidence soar as she steps more and more into speaking roles, sharing her experiences with others and inspiring other women (and men!) young and old to step out of their comfort zones and embrace a more adventurous life. I’m always in awe of Monika’s passion, compassion, drive and work-ethic and these are but a few reasons she’s now our Field Sessions Manager at Lightchasers. I also have the great privilege of calling Monika a friend and am grateful for our adventures and conversations as I find her inspiration to be infectious.

Shane Turgeon, Photographer & Founder of the Lightchasers Chasers

A Standout Speaker. Literally.

Monika draws from the experiences of her unconventional path to photography to inspire and drive her creativity. Heavy metal has been a constant in her life, and concert photography was the start of her photography career. Not a typical start for a nature or night photographer. As an introvert, Monika knows the challenges of putting yourself forward, especially when you don’t see yourself represented in a genre or field. She is open about her journey (and fear of public speaking) so that others can see possibilities for themselves and know that you don’t have to be comfortable or fit in to do something.

Inspiring through the Unconventional

Photography is constantly evolving, innovating, and adapting, and the presence of unique individuals with diverse viewpoints is vital for creating positive change in the photography industry. By daring to be different, one can contribute to a more dynamic and vibrant photography community. Through workshops, speaking engagements, and online tutorials, Monika inspires others to discover their own unique vision, to harness the power of storytelling through photography and celebrate what makes a person different.

Popular Presentation Topics/Talks

Night Photography Seminar

Learn foundations of night photography from gear considerations to settings and manual focusing tips for stars. Monika will break down technical aspects to make this challenging genre easier to delve into. She will also go over some information for planning Milky Way and Aurora Borealis images – two of her favourite night sky subjects.

Duration: 45 min – 2 hours
Audience: Photographers
Level: Foundational/Beginner or Intermediate/Advanced

Milky Way and Rho Ophiuchi over mountains in the Canadian Rockies
Monika Deviat self portrait silhouette on Mountain Ridge with Milky Way

Alone in the Dark

The dark holds a lot of challenges, not just for photography. Monika discusses why she goes out alone and the effort it takes to do so. This presentation includes what went into getting certain images and the adventures involved. Safety and planning are also included in this talk.

Duration: 45 min – 1 hour
Audience: General Public/Photographers

How Did You Get There?

When we ask, “how do you get there?” about a summit of a mountain or a point in life, the answer may be simple or a convoluted route you may not expect. Join Monika Deviat for a presentation on her journey from shooting heavy metal legends on stages to chasing light and stars in the mountains. Photography took her on an unexpected path to nature and adventure. Monika will discuss what she learned, how to capture the places she explores, and what gear she takes.

Duration: 45 min – 1.5 hours
Audience: General Public/Photographers

Woman walking along a ridge on Mistaya peak surrounded by glaciers in Banff National Park
Woman with butterfly wings costume runs on stage Cirque du Soleil Luzia

Low Light and Live

Monika began her photography career in the dark photographing concerts and events. Low-light environments are not the usual way to get into photography. They require gear that can handle situations with little light and knowledge of how to push your gear while still getting sharp-quality images. Moments happen quickly and are fleeting during concerts and events. How do you anticipate these moments? How do you ensure you capture them and tell the story of the moment or the feeling? Every concert, festival and event is unique. Learn the tools you can use flexibly and creatively and ensure your success in light low conditions.

Duration: 1-2 hours
Audience: Photographers
Level: Foundational, Some Advanced Techniques

Night Vision: The Art of Lurking in the Dark

Learn why you would want to embrace all of the uncomfortable aspects of lurking in the dark while creating stunning night sky photos. Monika will discuss what you see at night, the artistic processes involved in night photography and techniques used to capture an idea or scene.

Duration: 45 min + 15 min questions
Audience: Photographers (can be modified for general public)
Level: Overview & Less Technical or Intermediate/Advanced

Hiker standing on a ridge over Waterton Lakes and Town with Milky Way over Vimy Peak
Northern Lights dance over the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Alberta Canada

Snapshots and Science of Aurora

Aurora Borealis is a fascinating phenomenon to observe and extremely satisfying to capture with your camera. To see the lights dancing around you is a special and memorable experience. This presentation will include some scientific aspects to help you understand what causes the northern lights, how to see them for yourself, understanding the basics of data related to solar activity and how to capture the aurora with your camera or mobile phone.

Duration: 45 min – 1 hour
Audience: General Public/Photographers
Level: Foundational

Monika’s presentation is well thought out, with both technical and artistic elements. Her inclusion of what camera gear and settings she used makes it easy for the audience to follow along. She makes very technical techniques easy to follow through simple explanations and examples.

Jacob Park, Nikon Canada

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