Muscular woman holding amazon in aerial hoop, black leggings and black sports bra
Woman in black dress holding foot flag on pole
Woman with long brown hair in Daphne on pole
Woman in black body suit holding amazon on top rope of aerial hoop
Woman in white dress performing neck hold on purple aerial silks
Chest stand with stag legs in lyra
Blonde girl in blue sequin outfit holding tear drop on aerial hoop
Woman in black body suit and red heels in elbow arch, pole dance
Couples pole dance engagement shoot
Brass monkey variation
Pole fitness martini sit
Red haired woman in floral body suit holding straight leg man in the moon on aerial hoop
Three pole dancers sitting on the floor with a pole
Blonde woman in black pleaser heels holding pole split on pole
Brunette woman in black body suit holding a standing pose with a pole
Woman in grey skirt in pole sit
Red haired woman in elbow hood ornament on pole
Brunette woman in red heels holding a straddle in shoulder mount on pole
Woman reading harry potter book while sitting on a pole
Woman in flower crown in inside leg hang, pole fitness
Woman with cheeseburger in martini hang on aerial hoop
Blonde woman in elbow hang on lyra
Black and green haired woman in pleaser heels in stargazer, pole dance
Blonde woman in teal shoes, remi bridge, pole fitness
Blonde woman in green outfit and black heels in spider monkey on pole
Mom in remi sit with baby, pole fitness
Brunette woman in side sit on pole
Woman in red and black latex body suit holding a bridge with scissor legs, pole dance
Woman in black body suit in mermaid on lyra
Brunette woman in plank pose with knot on aerial silks
Black and white silhouette of woman in skirt and heels, elbow split grip on pole
Woman in remi layback knitting pole fitness
Woman in flower crown, red body suit and nude heels standing with a pole
Blonde woman in black sweater and blue heels holding a bent knee plank on a chair
Blonde woman in black sweater and blue heels in genie pose with arms crossed on the pole
Woman in hat holding amazon split in aerial hoop
Man in upright crucifix holding a woman in his arms, pole dance couple
Black and white image of woman in dress lunging on aerial straps
Muscular woman wearing jeans and sport bra holding a lock off on straps
Blonde woman in a back balance with stag legs on lyra, aerial hoop
Muscular man falling face first in aerial straps drop
Man falling face first in aerial straps drop
Blonde woman in mermaid split on aerial hoop

Pole & Aerial

As an avid explorer and photographer, I value working with people to capture their special moments amongst the grand vistas and fascinating details in the beautiful surroundings of Alberta. My style embraces what nature provides, from colourful sunrises and sunsets to dramatic cloudy days to magical starry night skies.

CamerasNikon D810, D3sLensesNikkor 24-70 f2.8, 70-200 f2.8LocationAlbertaYear2014-2021

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