Rob Halford and pyrotechnics during Judas Priest Concert, Saddledome
Vocalist Heathen breathing fire at Zimmers Hole concert at Dicken's Pub Calgary
Athenar singing and playing bass at MacEwan Hall Calgary, Midnight Show
Erik Danielsson holding a skull overhead on stage at Flames Central, Watain
Full stage shot from the crowd of Watain in red lighting at Flame's Central
Apocalyptica, 70000 tons of metal, cruise ship
Origin pillow fight on 70000 tons of metal, cruise ship
Tribulation, guitars, MacEwan Hall Ballroom, Calgary
Behemoth, Nergal screaming at audience, MacEwan Hall Ballroom, Calgary
Behemoth Nergal and micstand, MacEwan Hall Ballroom, Calgary
Behemoth, Nergal and Seth back to back, MacEwan Hall Ballroom
Behemoth, Nergal and Orion eye contact, Macewan Hall Ballroom, Calgary
Behemoth, Inferno, MacEwan Hall Ballroom, Calgary
Steel Panther, Calgary Stampede, Flames Central, Calgary
Overkill Bobby Blitz, middle finger, MacEwan Hall Ballroom, Calgary
Dave Murry tapping on Bass, Iron Maiden concert
Bruce Dickinson standing on speakers and singing at Iron Maiden Concert
Steve Harris playing bass and pointing it at the crowd during Iron Maiden Concert
Rob Halford throwing the horns at Judas Priest concert at the Saddledome
Rob Halford and Glenn Tipton on stage, Judas Priest
Dave Mustaine singing with double neck guitar in Calgary
Lemmy singing and playing bass, Motorhead, Calgary
Farida Lemouchi standing with arms raised, eyes closed in front of Mic, Devil's Blood, Vancouver
Mike Muir on stage at Heavy MTL with Suicidal Tendencies
Devin Townsend screaming into mic with aggressive expression
Joe Duplantier jumps into the crowd as Mario Duplantier stands on stage throwing horns, Gojira, Vancouver
Tom Araya singing and playing bass with inverted crosses on stage, Calgary
Kerry King playing guitar with inverted crosses, Calgary
Jill Janus crouching and singing while a fan blows hair crazily, Calgary
Alissa White-Gluz holds a Canadian flag and while Arch Enemy plays in Calgary
Alien character holds a decapitated human on stage, Gwar Calgary
Beefcake the might playing bass, Gwar Calgary
Blóthar singing for Gwar, Calgary
Gwar guitarists, Calgary
Gwar guitarist, Calgary
Blóthar spraying the crowd with blood, Gwar, Calgary
Vulvatron battling an alien enemy, Gwar Calgary
Vulvatron riling up the crowd, Gwar Calgary
Vulvatron playing the triangle, Gwar Calgary
Black Label Society playing in Calgary, confetti coming down for New Years
Zakk Wylde
Zakk Wylde playing guitar and throwing a fist in the air

Concert Photography

Concert photography was my first love and how my photography career started. I have photographed hundreds of bands and dozens of festivals. When shooting a show, I always ensure to get a great photo of each band member and to capture the energy of the stage show. Please get in touch if you’d like me to photograph a live show.

CamerasNikon z7ii, D850, D810, D3s, D300 LensesNikkor 14-24 f2.8, 24-70 f2.8, 70-200 f2.8LocationCalgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Colorado, Florida, International WatersYear2008-2022

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