A photography shoots sunrise from a snowy mountain slope as cloud being to lift
Woman in red jacket walking up a snow slope out of a massive ice cave in the Canadian Rockies
Woman in red jacket wearing micro spikes crouches to look at methane bubble formations on Abraham Lake
A woman in yellow jacket holds a husky on a leash in an ice cave in the Canadian Rockies
Silhouette of hiker in broken spectra over inversion in highwood pass
Hiker in red jacket and yellow helmet looks over inversion from the summit of Mount Rae
Broken Spectra on mountain ridge in Canadian Rockies
Woman stands on summit of Mount Rea, Highwood Pass
A husky stands in a massive ice cave in the Canadian Rockies
A woman in yellow jacket looks up a the blue wall of a broken section of a glacier
Woman in red jacket walking between massive ice blocks in an Ice Cave Jasper National Park
Woman in yellow jacket sitting on a glacier looking at blue ice
Hiker in red jacket on cliff looks at Mount Temple being revealed through clouds
Hiker stands on snowy and corniced ridge in Highwood Pass
Hiker in red jacket stands on Nub Peak looking over Sunburst Lake and Larches
Female hiker in red shirt sits on the edge of cliff and looks down at Lake O'hara
Silhouette of hiker on a summit ridge with a sunburst above
Female hiker in red jacket standing on Pocaterra Ridge looking down at a valley of yellow Larches
Female hiker sitting on a cliff edge looking over glaciers and a wide valley in Rodgers Pass
Female hiker in red jacket sits on rock and looks at alpen glow hitting Ha Ling peak
A male in red jacket scrambles over a rock band covered in verglass on Mount Rea
Hiker in red hooded jacket surveys view of mountains and valleys
Hiker walks along a ridge covered in verglass in HIghwood Pass
Male scrambling in red jacket and orange helmet along narrow ridge in the Canadian Rockies
Hiker stop on narrow ridge to take in exposed view with low clouds obscuring mountain tops
Climber rappels from cliff high above Emerald Lake
Tiny hiker stands on golden coloured cliff on Wapta Mountain
Hikers walk along the distinct layered edge of Table Mountain's ridge.
A hiker walk down a snowy slope while a second falls into the snow on Sunwapta Peak
Hiker navigates a rocky slope with Lake Hector reflecting peaks in the background
Two hikers walk along the summit ridge of Little Hector, forest fire smoke in the air
A woman in a red shirt and toque sit on a rock and watches alpen glow on Mount Robson
Woman with dark hair in red jacket stands in front of Crescent Falls with golden aspens at the top of the falls
A blonde woman in a red jacket walks in front of the powerful Emperor Falls
A man in a red helmet scrambles the final section of Molar Mountain
Hiker on Molar Mountain during sunset
A male and female hiker walk along Pocaterra ridge during sunset
Hiker in red jacket stands on a cliff with multicoloured layers looking at the Souther Alberta Prairies
A man in green jacket and orange helmet navigates a knife edge on James Walker
A woman scrambles up Cirque Peak in Banff National Park
A man and woman scramble down a rocky slope in front of Deltaform Mountain and Larch Valley
three hikers walking towards molar mountain on a blue bird day
Hiker surveys where prairies and mountains meet in Southern Alberta on route to the summit of Table Mountain
Woman in red jacket walks along cracked blocks of ice on Abraham Lake

Adventure Photography

Hiking, Scrambling, Climbing and Snowshoeing are the main mountain activities that take me to the stunning scenes throughout the Canadian Rockies.

CamerasNikon D850, D810, D3s LensesNikkor 14-24 f2.8, 24-70 f2.8, 70-200 f2.8, 28-300 f3.5-5.6LocationCanadian RockiesYear2015-2021

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