Milky Way arc over snow capped peaks with aurora band in the North, Kananaskis Alberta
Hiker standing on a ridge over Waterton Lakes and Town with Milky Way over Vimy Peak
Milky Way over valley of the ten peaks in Banff
Big aurora swirls and spike above Kananaskis mountains
Milky Way and shooting star over the valley of ten peaks in Banff
Milky Way and Northern Lights over the valley of the ten peaks and Horseshoe Lake in Banff
Methane bubbles trapped in ice lit up by Northern Lights at Abraham Lake with Venu above Ex Coulis
Milky Way and silhouette of woman in dress standing on standstone ridge in Dinosaur Provincial Park
Emerald Lake lodge lights pierce through mist with Milky Way in Sky, Yoho National Park
Clouds and stars reflecting with Mount Rundle in Vermillion Lakes
Milky Way and Mount Lougheed, Kananaskis
Ice cracks with methane bubbles protruding through snow with Milky Way and Ex Coulis behind
360 degree milky way panorama with northern lights and air glow over upper and lower kananaskis lakes
Milky Way over Upper Kananaskis Lake
Stars and mountains reflect in small opening of frozen lake, Icefields Parkway
Cloaked Silhouette with Jupiter and mountains, Icefields Parkway, Banff National Park
Aurora and moonlit clouds over snowy Cascade Mountain in Banff
Northern lights over light painted abandoned house with illuminated woman in doorway
Star trails and northern lights over abandoned house in Alberta
Milky Way looming over dilapidated barn in Alberta
Milky Way over abandoned house in Alberta
Two cloaked silhouettes in stone building remains with Milky Way, Alberta
Milky Way fading in blue hour over the snowy town of Waterton
Cloaked silhouette standing on sandstone ridge with Milky Way at Dinosaur Provincial Park
Star Trails over light painted abandoned house with silhouettes in doorways
Milky Way and Northern Lights at Emerald Lake Lodge, Yoho National Park
Silhouette of couple above the town of Banff with Milky Way
Milky Way and mountains reflecting in Herbert Lake, Icefields Parkway
Aurora corona over Crowfoot Mountain, Bow Lake
Northern lights streaking green and purple over a float plane dock in Northern Alberta
STEVE/sub auroral arc, picket fence and aurora borealis over Peyto Lake
STEVE/sub auroral arc, picket fence, Milky Way and Northern Lights panorama over Peyto Lake,
Milky Way over Mount Michener with cloaked silhouette kneeling on frozen Abraham Lake, Alberta
Milky Way over Mount Rundle at Vermillion Lakes, Banff National Park
End of Train light blinking through a long exposure during twilight at Morants Curve, Banff National Park
Milky Way followed by Jupiter and Saturn over the Wapta Icefield in Banff
Milky Way above the Massive Range and wooden board walk in the Canadian Rockies, Banff
Milky Way over Mount Engadine Meadows reflecting in a still creek with snowy banks
Conjunction of Jupiter and Mars with Saturn behind over Mount Rundle and the Town of Banff
Conjunction of Jupiter and Mars under the Milky Way at Two Jack Lake
Steve lines up along Mount Chephren reflecting in Waterfowl Lake
Green aurora with purple pillars extending over mountain range in Kananaskis
Ice cracked on frozen lake with Milky Way and Jupiter, Nordegg
Milky Way over Ex Coulis and icy step formation at Abraham Lake
Milky Way and mount rundle reflecting in still two jack lake
Silhouettes of burned trees frame the Milky Way in British Columbia
Star trail at red rock coulee
Milky Way Rising over a still river and Chief Mountain

Night Photography

Night photography is my favourite genre and probably the most challenging of all the genres I shoot. The Canadian Rockies are where I fell in love with the night sky. It was an unexpected transition, but it has taken my photography and life on to so many adventures and experiences. The images in this portfolio span across Alberta, into B.C., and even into California. The world at night is truly fantastic, and I hope you enjoy sharing some of what I experience while in the field.

CamerasNikon D850, D810, D3s, Z7LensesNikkor 14-24 f2.8, 20 f1.8, 24-70 f2.8, 50 f1.4LocationAlberta, B.C. P.E.I, CaliforniaYear2014-2021

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