Applications are now open for a one-year virtual mentorship program with Monika Deviat Photography!


The one-year virtual photography mentorship program can be structured to cover a comprehensive range of topics, provide ongoing support, and foster a strong mentor-mentee relationship.

The program will start with a meeting to get to know each other, see what has been working well or not working, and start setting some intentions for the year. Consistency and working towards objects is important, as is being adaptable and taking advantage of opportunities.

Moon set lights up dramatic clouds and mist around Mount Kid with Wedge Pond reflecting fall colours


Requirements for the program are as open as possible for nature photographers. A goal that has consistently been important to me is helping to build diversity and visibility of diversity in photography. I’d love to work with someone who is building their business, is interested in putting themselves out there (speaking/educating/etc.), is authentic and adds something unexpected or unconventional to the industry. A passion for night photography would be a bonus.

Applicants must be Canadian Photographers currently residing in Canada. If the mentee is interested in attending group workshops, they will receive a discounted rate as a perk of the mentorship program.

About Monika’s Journey

My journey in photography was not a typical one. I did not see myself represented when I first started in night photography. The lack of representation didn’t deter me – I spent a lot of time in male-dominated fields like physics, heavy metal and the oil and gas corporate world. Though, I wonder if there had been a more diverse representation in my favourite genre of photography, would I have started this sooner? It was challenging to find inspirations in photography or a mentor that could help me with what I wanted to do. Luckily, I have some fantastic friends that I was able to discuss ideas with, and I did find a few people who were willing to answer my questions and give me some great advice. I hope to make someone’s journey and progress a little easier and help motivate them to keep pushing forward.

Applications are closed. Thank you to all who applied! The program will return for 2025.

Deadline to Apply: Jan 23, 2024
Mentee Announcement: Jan 30, 2024