Commercial Photography

Commercial work is quoted based on the scope of the project. Projects may include branding, headshots, architectural, and industrial work. Please contact Monika for bookings and to discuss the project and requirements to best showcase your business.

Origin pillow fight on 70000 tons of metal, cruise ship

Concert & Event Photography

Monika has over ten years of experience in shooting concerts and events. From international music festivals across North America, to climbing competitions, to geophysics conferences, Monika delivers high-quality photos that tell the story of the event.

Monika has photographed hundreds of local bands and international heavy weights. Professional visual representation of your band shows fans your style and what they can expect from a live show. Promotional band photos are also integral for press kits. Monika will capture your energy and stage presence during live shows and work with you to create interesting and standout portraits.

Monika is available to travel to shoot shows.

Aerial Arts Photography

Monika is an experienced aerial performer and instructor. She will be able to work with you to get the best angles for poses, make suggestions for modifications and correct lines.

In Calgary, Pole and Aerial shoots can be booked at Aradia Fitness Calgary. The 18ft truss with a pulley system is ideal for photography. A white or black drop can be set up. Clients may bring their own apparatus but it will be inspected before rigging. The poles are 13 ft standard 45mm diameter from Xpole.

Outdoor sessions are available if you have your own aerial rigging. Monika does have access to a freestanding xstage that can be rented for photo shoots.

Monika is available to travel and take bookings at your studio.

Woman in black dress holding foot flag on pole
Self Portrait with Ring Light

Speaking Engagements

Monika is available for speaking engagements across Canada. From technical talks to engaging storytelling and inspiring creativity, presentations can be customized to the audience and their skill level. Monika has spoken at Star Parties, Camera Clubs and runs seminars throughout Alberta.

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