The Canadian Rockies are stunning year-round, but fall is an extra special time. Fall is my favourite time for photography throughout the Canadian Rockies (during the daylight hours). It’s not just because of the blast of fantastic colour. It’s also because of the conditions you can get due to the temperature changes. I love the chill in the morning air, and I’m usually not too mad to see snow.

Snow capped Mount Assiniboine framed between two yellow larches
Two larches frame Mount Assiniboine during a very snowy fall.

The exact conditions can differ quite a bit from year to year. Generally, in September, the peaks get snow up high. The snow may be a light dusting or knee-high snow in low alpine areas.

Foot prints in deep snow along a ridge with alpen glow lighting up a mountain range across a valley
My foot steps in deep snow along a ridge during sunrise.

It’s also possible to get summer-like conditions, with temperatures in the low 20s and very little snow on the tops of mountains.

Turquoise waters of Abraham Lake framed by fall coloured trees along a rocky shoreline
A tropical day at the beach, in fall. The water was freezing.

Larch madness, of course, occurs mid to late September and sends people flocking to some of the most popular and accessible areas. Larch trees live at elevations between 1800m to 2400m, so getting close to them in the mountains can take some work. Sunny days are great for captures the bright yellows of larches and aspens.

When I’m out shooting from September to October, I’m looking for expansive epic landscapes, moments to capture with a long lens, abstract fragments of nature, colour contrast, and unique cloud or fog conditions. Sometimes you can even get lucky with wildlife among the colourful landscape.

I hope you enjoyed these images and that they’ll inspire you to go out and find some unique scenes and moments. If you are in the Canadian Rockies and want to book a custom tour, contact me directly. You can also sign up for my mailing list to hear about upcoming workshops. There is a booking available for my Autumn at Abraham Lake workshop, Oct 3-6, 2021!