Night Photography is a tricky genre. A lot goes into getting a great night photo, from having the appropriate camera gear (but, remember you can always work and practice with whatever you have) to staying up all night to standing around in the cold for hours (at least for us Canadians). When it comes to my favourite subjects, the Milky Way and Northern Lights, a lot of planning can also go into getting specific compositions and finding unique scenes.

Nikon Canada approached me to do a virtual talk for them, and even though it came with a thirty-minute cap, I decided to do a session on Night Photography. The video goes over some night photography fundamentals and includes my favourite tips and tricks for shooting in the dark. I could talk about night photography for hours, and usually I do! There are so many techniques for shooting and editing that you can try while out at night. If you have any questions, your best bet is to email me or join my workshop group to make sure I see the message.

If you’d like to book a private session on night photography, you can select one of my popular sessions or email me to customize a session. I also have group workshops, and many are night-focused.